Tips for maximizing food volume (and hitting your macros!)

Let's face it. Sticking to your macros can be tough.

Even when you're doing everything "right", mentally and physically it can take a lot out of you to stick to a diet... especially when you're trying to get to a much different weight than you are used to maintaining.

This is why macro tracking is so great. You can choose to eat the foods you love, so it helps with that diet fatigue feeling because you know you can "treat" yourself with something you enjoy as long as it fits your macros.

But we've all had those days when your tracking is less than stellar, you make some food decisions that eat into your macros and don't keep you full, or you woke up with that snacky, bottomless pit feeling... and suddenly you're thinking about saying screw it and going WAY off plan.

Those are the hardest diet days, and trust me... I get it. I've been there. We all have.

I have some tips for you - to help maximize food volume and keeping yourself feeling good even on your snackiest days.

Let's get started...

1) Eat Your Veggies

This one is pretty obvious, but it's also one of the most effective ways to feel full. Do you like green peppers? Broccoli? Radishes? Carrots? These low-calorie foods are packed with fiber and crunch, so you can eat a whole lot of them and they'll keep you full.

They're easy to keep on hand (cut them up ahead of time and put them in easy to grab containers!) and if you don't like them raw you can steam them or add a little low calorie dip without burning through your macros. They're also jam-packed with vitamins so they meet a lot of micronutrient needs.

2) Choose Low-Fat Protein Sources

A lot of people struggle with getting enough protein when they first start tracking macros, so they forget to pay attention to the fat content when choosing their protein sources.

Lean protein will help keep you full without using up your fat macros. Choose sources like low-fat dairy, chicken, turkey, extra lean beef or low-fat protein supplements to meet your protein needs.

3) Don't Drink Your Calories

This one can be the hardest habits to break, especially if you love creamy flavored lattes or sugary soda... but these beverages significantly cut into your macros for the day and leave you feeling hungry.

Skip the high calorie beverages and replace them with water and the occassional diet soda and you leave a lot more room in your macros for delicious whole foods that will keep you full.

If you're struggling with the transition to drinking more water, you may want to try some of the zero calorie flavored water drops or bcaa's. They come in a wide variety of flavors and some even have caffeine or vitamins to enhance your water... and don't mess with your macros.

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