Hey everyone!

I started VBFITFUEL to be something unique and all-encompassing,  created a one-stop resource center for healthy living. A place where OUR clients could come in for meals, advice, supplements, and fitness coaching so that they would have all of the tools necessary to take their life back and own their time again. 

We took the one on one approach so that everyone that comes in knows there is a team behind them helping them make their dreams happen. By simply listening, we help you create the most effective meal prep plan ever. By following this creative concept, we now work with a network of training facilities across Virginia that know that VBFITFUEL offers a one of a kind program. 

Now, the business is operated and managed by Sierra Heller and Dalton Matherne . Sierra has been competing in women's figure/physique since 2015. She won overall figure champion in 2017.